Table Tennies

Tournament Rules

  1. 16 teams will be divided in 4 groups name of Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D
  2. A team will compete against another team in 5 categories
    1. Men Single.
    2. Women Single.
    3. Men’s Doubles.
    4. Women’s Doubles.
    5. Mixed Doubles.

    For one game each.

  3. The match will be best of 5 matches (the team winning 3 or more categories of the 5) will be declared as the winner
  4. For a win in group stage 3 points will be awarded to the winning, 1 point for draw, 0 point for loss.
  5. Each group champion will qualify for the semi-finals. A group champion will play against C group champion named as semi-final 1 & B group champion will play against D group champion named as semi-final 2 in the semi-final’s stages. Semi-finals 1 & 2 winners will play in the Final stage.
  6. A team must report at information desk 30 minutes before of their match.

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