RULES - Cricket

Rules & Regulations

Rules No.Rules
1 All the players in the squad have to be enrolled students of their respective universities.
2 The team has to submit a photocopy of ID card, a photocopy of advising slip and a passport size photo of each player in the squad with the registration form.
3 Within January 27, 2020 each team has to submit the squad list of 15 players with their required documents.
4 Maximum one player from premier division and maximum five players in total from first division, second division and third division are allowed to play in a team. No national player will be able to participate.
5 16 teams will be participating in the tournament where they will be divided into 4 groups where they will play each other. The four group champions will qualify for the semi-finals and the winners from the semi-final will play the final. The winner of final will be regarded as the champion.
6 In a match each side will play 10 overs which should come to an end in maximum 45 minutes of duration.
7 First four overs considered as a powerplay and only 2 fielders allow fielding outside of the 30-yard circle. Additionally, each bowler has allowed balling 2 overs in each match.
8 Moreover, if the match draws between 2 teams, it will go for super over cricket. It means each team will play 1 over. However, who score high in 1 over will be considered as a Winner. Even if we don’t find a winner through one super over the process of super over will continue until we find a winner.
9 In case of unavoidable interruption in a match, minimum 5 over game has to be played to find a result from the game. However, if the game is not played due to any unavoidable circumstances the point will be divided between the teams. DLS method will be applied if 25% of a match is played and stops due to any circumstances.
10 Umpires will make decisions in any situation and their decision will be the final decision.
11 Two points for winning side, and zero points for losing side in the group stage. However, each team will get 1 point in case of a tie or postponed due to any reason.
12 Due to match-fixing cases, management will be allowed to take any action against it.
13 Every team has to report 45 minutes prior to their match time.
14 The organizing management only holds the right to change, deduct or add any rules if necessary.
15 Rest of the rules will be followed according to the MCC cricket rules.

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