RULES - Badminton

Rules & Regulations

Rules No.Rules
1 All the players in the squad have to be enrolled in their respective universities.
2 The team has to submit a photocopy of ID card, a photocopy of advising slip and a passport size photo of each player in the squad with the registration form.
3 Within January 27, 2020 each team has to submit the squad list of 8 players with their required documents.
4 Each match consists of 5 games and each game consists of 3 sets; each set consists of 21 points.
5 In one match, 1 player can play maximum of 2 games.
6 National rank male 1-32 and national rank female 1-32 are not allowed to participate.
7 16 teams will be participating in the tournament where they will be divided into 4 groups where they will play with each other. The four group champions will qualify for the semi-finals and the winners from the semi-finals will play the final. The winner of the final will be regarded as the champion.
8 At 20-20, the player winning next point wins the Game.
9 Every team has to report 30 minutes prior to their match time.
10 Umpires will be making all the decisions in any situation and umpire’s decision is the last decision.
11 The organizing management only holds the right to change, deduct or add any rules if necessary.
12 No White Jersey is allowed.
13 Rest of the rules will be followed according to the Badminton Federation rules.

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